Meraquas ends the season with a Gold at 2017 US Junior Olympic Championship!

July 14, 2017 mqi

The U.S. Junior Olympic Synchronized Swimming Championships, the largest synchro event in North America, concluded late Saturday night, July 8, 2017 with numerous champions in the 16-17 and 18-19 divisions. More than 900 swimmers from across the country competed July 1-8 at Riverside Aquatics Complex.

The Meraquas of Irvine took the Gold in the team event in the 16-17 division of the U.S. Junior Olympic Championships (Emma Thullen, Niki Szekely, Ariel Peterson, Noela Seung, Kenzie Hicks, Donna Kim, Deborah Lee, & Venice Shoda).

Nikolett Szekely won Gold in figures (16-17 Age Group) with 69.6310 points, Emma Thullen took 10th place in Figures (16-17 Age Group) out of 210 athletes and Noela Seung took 12th in Figures (13-15 Age Group) out of 370 athletes.

Emma Thullen and Nikolett Szekely took  Silver in Duet with 137.0251 points.

Meraquas also took 7th out of 39 in Combo Competition (Emma Thullen, Nikolett Szekely, Noela Seung, Ariel Peterson, Kenzie Hicks, Deborah Lee, Donna Kim, Venice Shoda, Evelyn Miao, & Ashley Chung).

The season ended with spectacular performance by every swimmers!!